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Archive-IT believes that a paperless working environment is the most normal thing in the world. Because organizations literally filled up with paper archives, Archive-IT has started offering archive management as a service. From day one we believe in working without paper in such a way that digital information feels just as familiar as paper. To this end, Archive-IT has developed four services that fit together seamlessly: digitisation of information, archiving on an individual level, vitalisation of digital data and, finally, a platform for digital archiving. These well thought-out services in combination with advanced software solutions ensure that you can transform into a digital working environment in one day without having to say goodbye to the advantages of paper. Archive-IT ensures that all your paper information is digitally accessible anytime, anywhere. Full accessibility is essential for your primary processes.


In order to guarantee the continuity of your daily operations 100%, we have invested in safety. We guarantee the security of both physical and digital information according to the highest possible measures. It is not for nothing that our archive depot is known as ‘Fort Knox aan de Maas’. We also apply the same level of security to our ICT solutions. This is the only way in which we can make information digitally accessible from day one.

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Helping organizations to systematically store data (physical and digital) and thus be able to find it back quickly. This makes it easier to process data into information and the ultimate goal is to improve cooperation and efficiency.


Our goal is to be the most complete and trusted archiving specialist in Western Europe by 2025, offering added value to its customers in supporting the evolution from data to information and from work to collaboration.




In 1999, the JFM activity was transferred to a separate legal entity called Jalema File Management B.V.


Scanning on Demand

The Archive-IT building was built and the former Jalema warehouses were cleared for Scanning on Demand. Before this time, this division worked from Jalema.



In 2004, the Software Development department was transferred to Jalema File Management B.V. and the company name was changed to I-FourC Technologies B.V.


Bulk scanning

In 2006, the concept was expanded to include bulk scanning, offering a complete range of services. This year also saw the first bulk-scan project carried out at a large hospital.


Fort Knox

The new archive space in Reuver, also known as ‘Fort Knox aan de Maas’, covers some 80 linear kilometres. In addition, the Social Fund was established and the CSR certificate was obtained.



Archive-IT is expanding its services to Belgium. This means that the digitisation and archiving solutions will be actively marketed in Belgium, under a new Belgian entity.



In 2019, the company name was changed to Archive-IT BV. The services of Archive-IT were adapted to better respond to the developing market.

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