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Archive-IT helps organizations with the systematic storage of data, both physically and digitally. In this way, the data can be retrieved more easily and the efficiency of your primary processes can be improved. In addition, Archive-IT supports its customers in the evolution from data to information and from work to collaboration. To achieve this, Archive-IT has developed four services that fit together seamlessly: digitizing information, archiving on an individual level, vitalizing digital data and, finally, a platform for digital archiving, namely AIR. These well thought-out services in combination with advanced software solutions ensure that you can transform into a digital working environment in one day without having to say goodbye to the advantages of paper.

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The Archive-IT team consists of approximately 50 (international) professionals. Are you curious about our employees? We would like to introduce them to you!

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Helping organizations to systematically store data (physical and digital) and thus be able to find it back quickly. This makes it easier to process data into information and the ultimate goal is to improve cooperation and efficiency.


Our goal is to be the most complete and trusted archiving specialist in Western Europe by 2025, offering added value to its customers in supporting the evolution from data to information and from work to collaboration.


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