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How are files physically returned?2019-11-25T15:40:22+02:00

The files managed by Archive-IT in the high-security archive can be requested digitally as well as in physical form. The files are sent by (registered) post/courier.

Can I request files in evening hours and on weekends?2019-11-25T15:40:36+02:00

Archive-IT offers a 24-hour service.

How quickly can a file be digitally owned by me?2019-11-25T15:40:55+02:00

Depending on the Service Level Agreement chosen at the time of the application, a file will be delivered. The delivery times are between 1.5 and 32 hours (working hours).


How is the Archive-IT archive secured?2019-08-14T13:21:12+02:00

The archive is secured with camera surveillance, fire protection system, a gas extinguishing system and access control. The entire site is surrounded by a solid network. Files only leave the archive during working hours for further processing and are always returned to the secure archive at the end of a working day.

Is Archive-IT ISO certified?2019-08-14T13:27:25+02:00

Archive-IT is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and complies with the NEN 7510 standard. In addition, the SaaS (cloud) software complies with the Verisign standards and our employees have signed a Certificate of Good Conduct and a Confidentiality Agreement.


How are files delivered digitally?2019-08-14T13:12:44+02:00

The files that are digitized at Archive-IT will always be made available via the Archive-IT software. This guarantees, among other things, safety and accessibility. In addition, the possibility of physical delivery of files.

I already work with my own central system. Can the software system of Archive-IT be integrated?2019-08-14T13:16:07+02:00

In order to create a completely digital archive, the Archive-IT system can in principle be seamlessly integrated into an EPD, ECD and various document management systems. In this way, a new way of archiving is combined with the history to create a complete digital archive. You simply work from your own, trusted system.

Where can I log in to the Virtual Archive?2019-11-25T10:59:24+02:00

You can log in through https://access.i-fourc.com (this is currently being converted to .archive-it.nl)

What should I do if I forget my password or my account is blocked?2019-11-25T11:13:10+02:00

Go to https://access.i-fourc.com and click on “Forgot password”.



What are the opening hours of Archive-IT?2019-11-25T13:13:04+02:00

The Archive-IT office is open Monday through Friday from 08.15 – 17.00.

Where to can I send an invoice?2019-11-25T13:07:33+02:00

You can send an invoice to invoice@archive-it.nl.

How do I report a change of address?2019-11-25T14:15:49+02:00

You can send an e-mail to info@archive-it.eu with the new data. We will adjust your details as soon as possible.

My question is not included…2019-11-25T15:37:24+02:00

Please contact us at 077 – 750 11 00 or send an e-mail with your question to info@archive-it.eu. We are happy to help you!

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