Care farm de Huiberg is the farm of Wim and Ron Dewinden. Together with their team, they converted the dairy farm into a care farm with horses, donkeys, cows and smaller animals such as chickens, dogs, cats and rabbits. In addition, they grow vegetables in their own vegetable garden.

The care farm for the elderly

The care farm is visited by elderly people from the nearby villages (Reuver, Belfeld, Beesel etc.) for care and activities. Many elderly people are lonely or demented. In this pleasant environment, people flourish and get the attention they deserve. The care farm is independent, but has a partnership with municipalities and care offices in the area. During the day, the animals and the land are taken care of. Hot meals are prepared daily together with the elderly, of course with the home-grown products from the vegetable garden. In everything that happens, we look at the interests and possibilities for the elderly. Do you want to take a nap? Of course you can!

Exercise & health

An important aspect of the care farm is social contact. Many elderly people miss it and are lonely. Within the Huiberg there is a warm atmosphere and that brightens everyone up. Furthermore, the Dewinden family is always looking for ways to stimulate the elderly to exercise. For many elderly people, walking is quite an undertaking; something they cannot, or cannot, keep going for a longer period of time. Since the Huiberg is located in the outskirts of Reuver, cycling would be an excellent means of transport to visit – for example – the centre of Reuver. Or to cycle around a bigger block than you would on foot. Enjoying the beautiful surroundings and the fresh, healthy outdoor air.

“We’re sure to enjoy the bike. We put it outside the next day, so that the visitors who weren’t there at the time could see the bike as well. 2 ladies immediately indicated that they would like to go for a ride. We are going to run a trial run so that we can make optimal use of the bike,” says Moniek Dewinden.

Jalema and Archive-IT help!

The Social Fund of Jalema and Archive-IT supports charities and great initiatives on a quarterly basis. Of course, local foundations such as this one are extra special. One and one is two! When the Social Fund came into contact with Zorgboerderij de Huiberg, it was decided to donate a Fun2Go bicycle. This bicycle enables the elderly to participate in a sportive and sociable way and to give just that little bit more exercise. The four-person bike has a powerful electric support motor. In this way, every elderly person can participate at his/her own level. The members of the Social Fund have brought the bicycle by bike and were warmly welcomed by all elderly people. With coffee and flan we were welcomed with loud applause. The elderly couldn’t wait to try out the bike; a round was made immediately. And that while it was 40 degrees outside!

We wish care farm de Huiberg lots of fun and healthy exercise with the Fun2Go bike!

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