Problem description

The municipality of Peel en Maas wanted to improve digital services for internal employees. After all, the services at the municipality were already fully digital and paper no longer fitted in at all.


Digitisation of the files was the perfect solution for the municipality of Peel en Maas. What was unique about this assignment was that an Archive-IT employee scanned the files on location, after which they were digitised.


  • Accelerated and improved work processes

  • The electronic files are much quicker to consult than paper files

  • The files are now securely stored in accordance with GDPR

Gemeente Peel en Maas | Archive-IT

Who is Municipality of Peel en Maas?

Peel en Maas is a Dutch municipality in the province of Limburg. The municipality was created on 1 January 2010 from a merger of the municipalities of Helden, Kessel, Meijel and Maasbree.

Reference Municipality of Peel and Maas

Key figures


Meters digitized archive


Digitized files


Inhabitants of the municipality of Peel and Maas

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