Many legal documents have a mandatory retention period. This leads to piles of paper, an overloaded archive and a lack of efficiency. A renowned notary’s office in the Brussels region recognised this problem and opted for the external storage of their archive at Archive-IT.

Lack of space

Mrs. v. E, Office Manager of the office, says: “Due to a lack of space, we were looking for a way to store our files externally. The safety of our files had an important role in this. We have been a Jalema customer for years and had previously stored our archive in a Jalema mobile cabinetry. When it started to become overcrowded, we decided to contact Jalema and that’s how we ended up at Archive-IT.”

Scanning on Demand

Mrs. v. E. continues: “We have chosen to store the oldest part of our archive at Archive-IT. We opted for storage at pallet level. This concerns files that are older than 12 years and that we no longer need on a regular basis. If we still receive a request for one of these files, we can easily request it via Scanning on Demand. We will then have the necessary file in our hands within 24 hours. The application is made via a secure application, which is very user-friendly. This is an ideal solution!”

Pleasant cooperation

“We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Archive-IT. We were a bit hesitant beforehand, because you are of course handing over a large part of your valuable archive. However, all our concerns were quickly dispelled and the project proceeded quickly and without any problems. We have much more space in our office, without compromising the availability of our files. We can always use the files and the internal space in a more valuable way. A win-win situation if you ask me. Archive-IT has delivered top quality! Therefore, we will certainly return to Archive-IT for the storage of our files in the future.”

Archive-IT thanks the notary office for their trust!

*At the request of the notary office, this interview has been made anonymous.

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