We at Archive-IT are happy to tell you about ourselves, our products, services and what we can do for you. However, it is also nice to get information from a different perspective. On our reference page we let our customers have their say and they are given a stage to tell them how they experienced the cooperation with Archive-IT. Curious about the experiences of our customers? Click on a logo and read on!

Vincio Wonen | Archive-IT
CHI Créteil | Archive-IT
Waterkeyn | Archive-IT
Equipe | Archive-IT
ZorgSaam | Archive-IT
ONS Onderwijsbureau | Archive-IT
SPOV | Archive-IT
Kindante | Archive-IT
Slingeland Ziekenhuis | Archive-IT
De Bureaus | Archive-IT
Municipality of Roermond | Archive-IT
MIK Kinderopvang | Archive-IT
Mytylschool Gabriël | Archive-IT
Brabantia | Archive-IT
SEIN | Archive-IT
Antes | Archive-IT
KMWE | Archive-IT
Stichting Swalm & Roer | Archive-IT
Paagman | Archive-IT
Municipality of Zonhoven | Archive-IT
Wiggers Faber | Archive-IT
Leeuwenborgh | Archive-IT
SGS | Archive-IT
Revalidatie Friesland | Archive-IT
Porsche Groep Zuid | Archive-IT
Tangenborgh | Archive-IT
Sophia Revalidatie | Archive-IT
SGL | Archive-IT
Municipality of Alkmaar | Archive-IT
SJSJ | Archive-IT
Sint Maartenskliniek | Archive-IT
Natuurmonumenten | Archive-IT
MC Groep | Archive-IT
APT Kurvers | Archive-IT
Pantein | Archive-IT
GGD Twente | Archive-IT
Reade | Archive-IT
EM-KA | Archive-IT
Radiotherapiegroep | Archive-IT
Zorggroep | Archive-IT
Municipality of Langedijk | Archive-IT
Zuyderland | Archive-IT
Rijndan Revalidatie | Archive-IT
Thebe | Archive-IT
GGNet | Archive-IT
Municipality of Venray | Archive-IT
Stichting Centrum '45 | Archive-IT
Ikazia Ziekenhuis | Archive-IT
Pento | Archive-IT

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