Digital archiving

Whether you have digitised, processed digital documents or archived externally, everything stands or falls with a high degree of user-friendly accessibility. Because if digital information cannot be retrieved, it overshoots the mark. With the AIR platform, Archive-IT offers the solution for accessing information from any source. Archive-IT Organises it!

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Digitizing is one thing, but do you want to go that step further? By vitalising the information, Archive-IT adds more value to your data. By classifying, indexing and meta-dating, unstructured data is transformed into structured information. Archive-IT Vitalises!

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Dynamic documents that are frequently required are ideally suited for digitisation. To ensure that the transition from paper to digital takes place in a careful, safe manner, Archive-IT offers high-quality digitisation applications. Digitisation offers the solution! Archive-IT Digitises!

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Physical archiving

Archive-IT has various archiving options, whereby your physical documents are placed in one of our secure premises. Do you still need the document digitally? Via Scanning on Demand or our courier service, you can have your archive at your disposal in no time. From conditioned storage that fully complies with the Archives Act to bulk storage in boxes on pallets. External archive storage offers the solution! Archive-IT does it!

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Municipality of Venray starts the project!
Gemeente Venray

On 1 January 2010, the merger between Venray and the villages of Geijsteren, Wanssum and Blitterswijck (of the former municipality of Meerlo-Wanssum) was a fact. The municipality of Venray was the official legal successor of all archives (including the archives of the village centres of Tienray, Meerlo and Swolgen, which after the reorganisation fall under the municipality of Horst aan de Maas), but did not have enough space for the physical storage of the archives in Venray. Digitizing was the best solution.

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