Digital archiving with AIR

Sounds good: everything digital. However, that great pile of digital data is getting bigger and bigger. Organisations often can’t see the wood for the trees, so it’s essential to create and maintain an overview. After all, working digitally stands or falls with being able to easily find the right information at the right time. By placing everything in one overarching digital archive system, digital information is archived in the right way.

With AIR, Archive-IT offers the solution to create order in the digital chaos by capturing the entire archive in one overarching system. As a result, all documents and files remain accessible, authentic, reliable and usable throughout the entire retention period.

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Why the digital archive AIR?

  • Designed for business users

  • Governance & compliance

  • Easy integration with both On Premises and Cloud applications

  • Metadata driven

  • Advanced legal storage options

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Setting up a digital archive

With powerful functionalities around Records Management, AIR enables you to manage both your paper and digital archive in accordance with the legal frameworks. Store your documents in a secure environment and use the power of metadata to classify, navigate, search and find.

By combining all stored data in a smart and dynamic way, other insights are obtained from the data already present. In this way, data is elevated to valuable information. This gives your archive more value and you can use it like never before!

A unique aspect of AIR is the retention policy: a retention period is linked to the stored documents within AIR. Documents with a retention period are impossible to remove, a perfect safety net for possible human errors. It is also possible to automate processes by means of simple workflows and, for example, to structure and secure the authorisation for the removal of documents.

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Functionalities within AIR

AIR is a versatile archiving software for all your data. The software can be used for digital file management, including personnel files. In addition to the functionalities listed below, much more is possible. Request the AIR whitepaper or demo via the contact form, this will go into more detail about all functionalities.

  • Create an archive plan

  • Add security/permissions to documents

  • Upload documents from all sources

  • Apply retention policy

  • Using perspectives for other insights

“The great advantage of Archive-IT’s digital file is that it looks exactly the same as the paper file. Tabs have been added, the look is the same as the paper file and there is even a browse function that allows us to easily scroll through the files.”

Francie Peters | Director, De Bureaus

“Basalt was looking for a partner to digitise the enormous amount of paper files, especially the medical files. One of the reasons for this was the fact that there was no more room for the archive in the new building. But even more important was the ambition to facilitate a paperless, efficient working environment. Archive-IT was the right partner for us to carry out this project with!”

Bianca Holtman | Projectmanager, Basalt

“Actually, the method has hardly changed. Where before you had to write and browse, you now have to retrieve the file and click on fields. Searching for the right information is no longer necessary, everything is always accessible and complete.”

Maurits Hesselmans | Care manager, Radiotherapiegroep

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