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Sounds good: everything is digital. But if everything is digital, keeping an overview is essential. That huge pile of digital data is getting bigger and bigger. Organisations often no longer see the wood for the trees. Working digitally depends on being able to find the right information; fast, simple and reliable. That is why it is crucial to archive digital information in the right way. By placing all the information in one overarching digital archive system, the information is stored visibly and clearly. Recognizable? The Archive-IT software offers the solution!

Why the digital solution of Archive-IT?

  • Extensive authorisation structures possible;
  • Information is always available regardless of when and where.
  • GDPR-compliant;
  • Increases efficiëntie
  • Fully optimizable for your ease of use.
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Digitized documents or documents that are already digital from the source must be stored in the digital equivalent of a file cabinet. The file cabinet that Archive-IT offers is known as “Assured Integration of Records”, or AIR. Where AIR differentiates itself as a Content Management Platform compared to other document management systems, for example, is the fact that AIR is able to structure unstructured data by assigning metadata. Because a digital archive is only valuable if you can search and find in a fast, secure way. AIR is, as it were, a digital safe, where you can secure all your files. Whether it’s a Word file, a video, a PDF or an audio fragment, AIR archives! By means of smart authorisation structures, logging and an extensive retention policy, your information management is completely in control. In addition, you can go one step further. All the data that is stored represents a lot of information. In order to convert this data into information and to add real value to your digital documents, you can choose to vitalise your files: from data to information!

Another unique aspect of AIR is the retention policy: The documents stored in AIR can be linked to a retention period that applies to a particular document. Once this retention period has been linked, it is impossible to remove the document, a perfect safety net for a possible human error.

  • Bringing together information from different sources in a database: even audio/video/etc..;

  • By assigning the right metadata to documents, search times are improved;

  • Storage periods are easy to assign to documents and prevent human error.

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Currently, systems often have a general layout that is suitable for a wide range of users. Because these layouts are made as general as possible in order to serve as many different types of customers as possible, there is often a lack of personalization and therefore optimization.AIR is a Content Service Platform that can be fully optimized to the needs of the user, this allows a board member to quickly access minutes of a previous meeting and the HR manager can easily access the personnel files.AIR is so extensive that it is impossible to describe all functionalities and conveniences. You need to experience AIR. So ask for a free demo to find out for yourself what the possibilities are for your organisation.

Rijndam Revalidatie & Archive-IT delivers on promises!
Rijndan Revalidatie | Archive-IT

Rijndam Rehabilitation with its many locations is the largest rehabilitation centre in the Netherlands. In order to be able to move with the patient’s needs, to be able to work as efficiently and effectively as possible and to concentrate on their main tasks: providing care, a phased transition to a digital file has been chosen: the rehabilitation EPD (R-EPD). Archive-IT talks to Rajen Bhattoe, Project Manager at Rijndam Rehabilitation, where he explains in detail how they deal with the transition to an integrated R-EPD”.

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