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Sounds good: everything digital. However, that great pile of digital data is getting bigger and bigger. Organisations often can’t see the wood for the trees, so it’s essential to create and maintain an overview. After all, working digitally stands or falls with being able to easily find the right information at the right time. By placing everything in one overarching digital archive system, digital information is archived in the right way. AIR offers the solution!

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Why the digital solution AIR?

  • GDPR-compliant;

  • Increasing efficiency;

  • Information available anywhere, anytime;

  • Extensive authorisation structures possible;

  • Fully optimized for your own ease of use.

Digitaal archiveren | Archive-IT

Assured Integration of Records

Documents that are already digital or digitised from the source, are stored in the digital equivalent of a filing cabinet. The file cabinet that Archive-IT offers is known as ‘Assured Integration of Records’, or AIR.

AIR is able to structure unstructured data through the use of metadata. A digital archive is only valuable if you can search and find it quickly and securely. AIR is actually a digital safe, where you can secure all your files. Whether it concerns a video, a PDF, a Word file or an audio fragment, all these files can be stored in AIR! By means of smart authorisation structures, logging and an extensive retention policy, your information management is completely in control. In addition, you can go even further. By cleverly and dynamically bundling all the stored data by means of smart folders, other insights are obtained from the existing data. In this way, data is elevated to become valuable information.

A unique aspect of AIR is the retention policy: a retention period is linked to the stored documents within AIR. Documents with a retention period are impossible to remove, a perfect safety net for possible human errors. It is also possible to automate processes by means of simple workflows and, for example, to structure and secure the authorisation for the removal of documents.

Advantages AIR:

  • Information from different sources in one database;

  • By assigning the right metadata to documents, the search time is reduced;

  • Storage periods are easy to assign to documents and prevent human error.



Systems often have a standard layout and often lack a bit of personalization and therefore optimization. AIR’s platform, on the other hand, can be fully adapted to the needs of the user. This allows a board member to quickly access the minutes of a previous meeting and the HR manager can easily access the personnel files.

The AIR platform is so extensive that it is impossible to describe all the functionalities and conveniences. You need to experience AIR. Request a no-obligation demo to find out what the possibilities are for your organisation.

Positioning AIR

AIR is a Content Services Platform, where – the name says it all – content is managed. The fact that it is a platform means, on the one hand, that it is ‘open’ and can be linked to other systems and, on the other hand, it offers functionalities to structure the services around this content. AIR is used to manage static information and is complementary to a DMS or Office 365. In addition, it is extremely suitable for phasing out old legacy systems by collecting all the data in one system.

“The great advantage of Archive-IT’s digital file is that it looks exactly the same as the paper file. Tabs have been added, the look is the same as the paper file and there is even a browse function that allows us to easily scroll through the files.”

Francie Peters | Director, De Bureaus

“Basalt was looking for a partner to digitise the enormous amount of paper files, especially the medical files. One of the reasons for this was the fact that there was no more room for the archive in the new building. But even more important was the ambition to facilitate a paperless, efficient working environment. Archive-IT was the right partner for us to carry out this project with!”

Bianca Holtman | Projectmanager, Basalt

“Actually, the method has hardly changed. Where before you had to write and browse, you now have to retrieve the file and click on fields. Searching for the right information is no longer necessary, everything is always accessible and complete.”

Maurits Hesselmans | Care manager, Radiotherapiegroep

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