There are a number of obstacles to paper files, such as the space it takes up. Paper can only be at one location at a time, which means that it takes a lot of time to look for and find the right documents. Sharing and editing paper information is becoming increasingly difficult. The safety and authorisation of paper is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee. Recognizable? Digitisation offers the solution!

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Archive-IT excels in the careful and secure digitisation of files. The digital file is set up together with an experienced Archive-IT advisor. The user-friendliness, your wishes and the laws and regulations are taken into account. There are possibilities such as tab layouts, adding a search function, scanning in color, grayscale or black and white and much more. Choices that you certainly do not have to make alone, Archive-IT fully supports you in the process from paper to digital.

Digitaliseren dossiers | Archive-IT

Expert digitisation is a specialism

Archive-IT offers 100% delivery reliability. The files are transported directly from your organisation to Archive-IT using secure, exclusive and sealed transport. Upon arrival, the registration process takes place and the files are prepared. The qualified employees prepare the files for scanning in accordance with the agreements made. A labour-intensive and indispensable step in the digitisation process.

“Did you know that during the scanning project you can always request files with priority? This way, you will not be hindered by the digitisation process!”

  • GDPR-compliant

  • Integration with your current system

  • Valuable space within your organisation is freed up

  • Your information can be accessed by authorised users anytime, anywhere


Anyplace, anywhere, anytime

By digitising your archive, you are taking the step towards an efficient, fast and above all safe working environment. Would you like to know how Archive-IT uses information security to safeguard your personal and business critical data? Please contact us for more information.

“What was especially important to us was that the archive is stored in a very secure place and as soon as we need something, we have it at our disposal quickly and reliably. When that picture matched the price, the choice for Archive-IT was a fact. We have now requested a number of files, both physical and digital, and Archive-IT’s speed of action is great!”

Debora Janssen | Legal Secretary, Wiggers Faber

“For us, it was especially important that a connection could be made with the HR software package that we were already using. We have been working with Raet for years and wanted to be able to continue working with that package. On a Raet customer day, we met Archive-IT, which gave us a familiar feeling through positive stories. The quotation, the working method and the trust in the account manager were the decisive factors in the cooperation with Archive-IT”.

Jeannette de Haan | HR employee, Natuurmonumenten

“When we saw the Virtual File, it was decisive for the transition to the digital system. The preservation of the paper folder in digital form has made it possible for users to get used to this way of working very quickly. You can just browse through it, add and move your documents. Moreover, we were already used to Jalema files, which have been imitated in this digital format.”

Thera de Pauw | Concernmanager, De Zorggroep

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