Digitisation and archiving of information flows is a matter for every company, large or small. Modern entrepreneurs can save a lot of time and money by using digital technology in the right way. Standardizing and digitizing labour-intensive operations improves efficiency by reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that everyone has access to the right information. Archive-IT offers the solution!

Digitizing for enterprises

The solution for files that are frequently consulted, that are needed in many different locations and that need to be kept for a long time. Archive-IT has a great deal of experience in digitising files. Together with you, Archive-IT looks at the wishes and requirements that fit within your organisation, the budget, but also the current legislation and regulations.

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Archive storage & digital accessibility

Archive-IT has various forms of archive storage available for the outsourcing of your archive. In this way, there is always a suitable way and you will be relieved of all your worries throughout the entire process. Safety and care are the guiding principles of our solutions. Several protocols have been implemented to guarantee the safety of your documents, such as our gas extinguishing system. In addition, Archive-IT archives in a unique way, which guarantees the accessibility of your archive and the right management service to keep your archive up to date. In the end, everything depends on safe digital accessibility of information. Archive-IT has developed a platform with AIR in which all information, whether physical or digital, can be archived correctly. And even more important: easy to find. Standalone or integrated with your current system.

It is important for an organisation to be able to fully focus on its core business. No red tape or searching for the right information. Thanks to the digitisation of the document flow, information is easy to find. The advantages of Archive-IT:

  • In times of budget cuts, you want to know what the benefits of investing in digital working are. Contact our Account Managers at Archive-IT;

  • By using the right combination, you get the most cost-efficient result;

  • The modern entrepreneur regularly works outside the office walls. With our ICT solutions it is possible to consult the archived information on multiple devices. This gives you access to the digital information anytime and anywhere.

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Simple and trusted

Using Archive-IT’s ICT solutions, all physical and digital information is archived at a single location. In this way, you maintain an overview and can work in a structured, digital manner. This creates a digital collection point for all information, which guarantees the continuity of the work processes. You can also assume that your files are 100% available, including the highest security standards. This works pleasantly and reliably.

Paagman: “Archive-IT is fast and reliable!”
Paagman | Archive-IT

Paagman has created a large archive with financial and administrative information. Something had to be done with it. They have chosen to store their archive externally in the secure premises of Archive-IT.

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