Within the health care sector, it is of vital importance (also economically) to continuously optimise processes. Doing more in less time, in which the provision of the right care is always central. With increasing legislation and regulations, tight schedules and the goals to be achieved, this can be quite a challenge. As a healthcare provider, it is therefore crucial not to waste any unnecessary time on red tape and incomplete information. Medical information must be available at the right time and in the right place, in a safe and user-friendly manner. Digitisation, archiving and the use of technology offer the solution.

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Digitizing for the healthcare sector

Archive-IT offers various possibilities for organizations to work paperless. This does not mean, however, that all paper files need to be digitised. We advise you to digitise only the active, current patient and client files. After all, you often need these in your work processes. An efficient addition to this are our physical archiving solutions, in which we archive the paper files in one of our secure archive buildings and make them accessible by means of Scanning on Demand.

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Physical archiving & digital accessibility for the healthcare sector

In order to offer a suitable solution for every organisation, Archive-IT has three different forms of physical archiving: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Physical archiving

Ultimately, everything depends on safe digital access to information. Archive-IT has developed a platform with AIR in which all information, whether physical or digital, can be archived in an unequivocal manner. And even more important: easy to find. Standalone or integrated with your current system.

Digital archiving
  • You can use your archive space for more valuable purposes;

  • Links with HIS, EPD & ECD systems, to integrate the paper past with the new digital growth;

  • For care institutions with multiple locations, it is efficient that files can be consulted anywhere by authorised users;

  • Extensive authorisation structures possible;

  • Data security is better ensured.

The merged Zuyderland Medical Center increases efficiency with Archive-IT Virtual ArchiveCentrum verhoogt efficiëntie met Archive-IT Virtual Archive
Zuyderland | Archive-IT

When Orbis Medical Centre moved in 2009 to the new building on the border between Sittard and Geleen, the hospital had more than one million paper files in the old building. This move was the perfect moment to do something about the privacy-sensitive files. They opted for a digital working environment and started a successful collaboration with Archive-IT.

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