Within the health care sector, it is of vital importance (also economically) to continuously optimise processes. Doing more in less time, in which the provision of the right care is always central. With increasing legislation and regulations, tight schedules and the goals to be achieved, this can be quite a challenge. As a healthcare provider, it is therefore crucial not to waste any unnecessary time on unnecessary or incomplete information. Medical information must be available at the right time and in the right place, in a safe and user-friendly manner. Digitisation, archiving and the use of technology offer the solution.

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Digitising for healthcare

Archive-IT offers various possibilities for organizations to work paperless. This does not mean, however, that all paper files need to be digitised. We advise you to digitise only the active, current patient and client files. After all, you often need these in your work processes. An efficient addition to this are our physical archiving solutions, in which we archive the paper files in one of our secure archive buildings and make them accessible by means of Scanning on Demand.

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Physical archiving

In order to offer a suitable solution for every organisation, Archive-IT has three different forms of physical archiving: storage at pallet level, storage at file level and conditioned storage.

Physical archiving

Digital archiving

Ultimately, everything depends on safe digital access to information. Archive-IT has developed a platform with AIR in which all information, whether physical or digital, can be archived in an unequivocal manner. And even more important: easy to find. Standalone or integrated with your current system.

Digital archiving
  • You can use your archive space for more valuable purposes;

  • Links with ZIS, EPD & ECD systems, to integrate the paper past with the new digital growth;

  • For healthcare institutions with multiple locations, it is efficient that files can be consulted anywhere by authorised users;

  • Extensive authorisation structures possible;

  • Data security is better ensured.

“During the company visit to Archive-IT, we were so impressed by the way in which Archive-IT ensures that files, both physical and digital, are secured that the choice was quickly made for us. An example of this is the gas extinguishing system, which gave us a very safe feeling!”

Thera de Pauw | Group Manager Social Policy, De Zorggroep

“One of the major advantages of the Virtual Archive is that the management is no longer in your own hands. Next to that updates can be carried out automatically and, of course, we can access our information at any location and at any time.”

Jacques van Kerkvoort | Program Manager, Zuyderland

“It goes without saying that it always takes some getting used to a new way of working, but we can look back on a very successful project. The no-nonsense mentality, the flexibility and the advisory role of Archive-IT have largely determined this success.”

Gerwin Maat | assistent Head of Automation, Zorggroep Tangenborgh

“Because of all the systems that practitioners nowadays use next to each other, logging in again and again is an issue. Fortunately, Archive-IT has developed a Single Sign On solution for this. We are now working with this solution, which means that treatment providers have to log in to the R-EPD once and no longer for the scanned file. That saves a lot of time!”

Rajen Bhattoe | Project Manager, Rijndam Revalidatie

“We chose Archief-IT because we had carried out a preparatory phase and we had already saved everything at Archief-IT. The trust we have in Archive-IT is high and the company is characterised by quality. The employees always think along well and handle the data with care!”

Anita Middeldorp | Head healthcare unit adults, SEIN

“The cooperation with Archive-IT went very well and the communication between the two of us went very smoothly. Archive-IT’s speed of action and flexibility in particular was a big plus. The time frame was quite a challenge, because about 30,000 files had to be transported and stored in a very short period of time. Archive-IT has fulfilled its promises!”

Saskia Spierdijk | Director Service Company, ANTES

“We have gained a lot of experience with the R-EPD in combination with the Virtual Archive. We are very pleased with the steps that have been taken so far. In this way, Basalt is ready for the future!”

Bianca Holtman | Project Manager, Basalt

“The quality of the scanned files is very high and undoubtedly meets our expectations. We therefore strongly recommend other organisations with digitisation ambitions to do this in collaboration with Archive-IT.”

Andrea de Bie | HRM secretary / Back office employee, Stichting gehandicaptenzorg

“The quality of the scanned files is very high and undoubtedly meets our expectations. We therefore strongly recommend other organisations with digitisation ambitions to do this in collaboration with Archive-IT.”

Rick Gerritsen | Personnel officer, Via Jeugd

“We were very pleased to have a single point of contact at Archive-IT for all logistics operations. In addition, Archive-IT has given us a lot of good advice. It really helps to have someone with thorough knowledge on board. The third decisive point for the assistants and the doctors was that the use of the Virtual File was extremely convenient, which led to a great deal of support”.

Mignon Vloet | Project leader digitisation , Hospital Pantein

“It was a great pleasure to work with well known people from Archive-IT. They always know where everything is and how the processing should be done. Due to the high speed, we were finished two months earlier. An additional advantage: the central archive is transformed into a changing room.”

Sally Martens | Team leader appointment agency, MC Group

“I’ve always said: we’re not going to digitize, because the physical files are already not readable. But our school doctors work on location with a laptop and UMTS card, so the files had to be accessible on the move. The files have been taken over on a 1:1 basis and we were positively surprised that they are extremely easy to read. Really great!”

Gertrud Vogel | Concession Manager, GGD Twente

“We have deliberately chosen the carnival holiday for the physical transition. Two employees of Archive-IT and students were involved in the implementation, with everything that came with it. I was extremely satisfied with the implementation. The transition went smoothly. I speak for the entire organisation when I say that we are a satisfied Archive-IT customer”.

Harrie Slangen | Policy Officer, Thebe

“The one-off investment with Archive-IT is higher, but the quality and speed of the query more than make up for it! Within a few hours after the request, the file is available digitally. In addition, all files are individually registered, which means that some of the files that were thought to be ‘lost’ have also come to light.”

Esther Brokke | Project Manager Archive, GGNet

“It was a huge logistical operation that was successfully completed. When we switched to the digital file, all the scanned images were ready on the secure connection between Archive-IT and Centrum ’45. These could therefore be accessed directly.”

Twan Driessen | Managing Director, Centrum '45

“Doctors and secretaries like working digitally. More rest at the outpatient clinic and the file is always available. That wasn’t the case before, so secretaries would spend a lot of time looking up the medical file.”

Frank Helmer | Project Officer, Slingeland Hospital

“Gynecology is the first to work with the digital OSF (Operation Sequel File) within Ikazia.  This will enable us to expand our electronic file further and further. Archive-IT’s software and services are an important link in this process.”

Dr. Morrel | Gynecologist, Ikazia hospital

“The Virtual File was decisive! Because we use the Virtual File, the concept has a high degree of acceptance. The employees of Pento work with digital files, but all electronic documents are displayed as traditional paper files. And the fact that Archive-IT moves with us, such as the link they made for us with JIM and Open AC, makes Archive-IT a logical choice.”

Michael Heil | Director, Pento

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