HRM departments process a great deal of privacy-sensitive and personal data on a daily basis. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine the work process without digital HR systems. Whereas nowadays data is often processed digitally, the cabinet or archive with paper files still remains physical. These paper files are full of important data, such as: performance reviews, employment contracts, e-mail traffic, change forms and other important documents and reference works. These are all information that needs to be kept, not only for business operations, but also for legislation. Ideally, the archive of paper information should be integrated with the digital system that is currently being used. One overview with all the information of each employee. You can achieve this by digitising your personnel files.

Digitizing personnel files

Archive-IT has extensive experience in digitizing personnel files. Think of one-on-one scanning, reclassifying the file to make it completely GDPR-proof. Archive-IT will work with you to discuss the possibilities when it comes to document types, tabs and other digital wishes and requirements. The wishes and requirements that suit your organisation, the budget, but also the current legislation and regulations.

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In order to provide you with the best possible support, we work together with partners such as AFAS or Raet to make the digitised files accessible in the system you are already working with. We take care of a direct, secure import into your trusted system, without you having to make an effort to do so. Do you work with a package with which Archive-IT does not collaborate? No problem, we still ensure that your files are seamlessly integrated!

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  • Transparency towards your employees;

  • Information is also available outside office hours;

  • Extensive rights structures possible;

  • Integrations with various HR systems, such as AFAS or Raet;

  • One overview with all the information of each employee.

Personnel files of Porsche Groep Zuid fully digital in Cobra
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With its branches in Maastricht and Eindhoven, Porsche Groep Zuid is the official dealer and service point for Noord-Brabant and Limburg. An organisation where passion, quality, design and speed come together. In addition to the wide range of new Porsches, they also sell a wide range of Porsche Approved Occasions.

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