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The legal sector is a sector in which a lot of paper is used. In the legal profession, paper is mainly used to create files and provide evidence, while in the world of notaries, notarial deeds are still delivered on paper. These actions take a lot of time and are characterized as quite inefficient, especially because we know there is another way! Due to developments in the sector, it is now possible to supply files digitally and also to digitise deeds. In order to carry out such a process, you need a reliable party who can digitise the files for you under the safest and most accurate conditions. Here, Archive-IT can make the difference for you.

Digitizing for advocacy and notarial

Information plays an important role in legal practices. Case files contain documents full of privacy-sensitive information about clients. Optimal document management is very valuable in this sector. The right person should have access to the necessary information at the right time. Working efficiently takes on a new dimension when the transition to digital working environments is made with our innovative system: AIR. The advantages of AIR are clear: information is easier to share, information can be used independently of time and place, and authorisations can be better organised. All assured of the highest achievable safety standards, because this kind of information should never be on the streets, shouldn’t it?

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Digital archiving & security for the legal sector

Ultimately, safe digital access to information is what counts. Archive-IT has developed a platform with AIR in which all information, whether physical or digital, can be archived correctly. And even more important: easy to find.

For Archive-IT, it is important that our customers are completely relieved of their worries. Concerns about the security of information are also part of this. That is why we consider it important to have the highest achievable security standards on both a physical and digital level. Some examples of these safety standards are our ISO certificates, camera observation systems and a powerful extinguishing gas system.

  • Scanning on Demand creates a cost-efficient solution for files that are not frequently consulted;

  • Efficient and efficient working and exchanging files is no longer a problem with Archive-IT’s software solutions;

  • Secure your files by securely storing them externally. In this way, you comply with the statutory, mandatory retention periods and you can always go back to the past, without your own archive overflowing;

  • AIR, the software solution of Archive-IT, enables you to store (digital) file formats and even file formats such as photos, videos and audio recordings in the cloud.

Wiggers Faber outsources archive to Archive-IT
Wiggers Faber

Wiggers Faber Advocaten | Tax specialists specialise in various areas of law. They give legal advice, negotiate and, where necessary, conduct legal proceedings in court. Due to a merger and a move, they decided to outsource the archive and opted for Archive-IT.

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