(Semi)Government agencies work with privacy-sensitive data on a daily basis. Many of these documents have mandatory retention periods, such as: construction drawings, environmental permits, WMO files and other important documents. This is all information that must be kept in accordance with the law and for business operations. Nevertheless, the internal storage of these files entails disadvantages, such as lack of space, inefficiency and limited accessibility. Digitisation and/or external archive storage can be advantageous. You can achieve this with Archive-IT’s solutions.

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Digitising for the government

The ideal solution for files that are frequently consulted, required at many different locations and need to be kept for a long time. Archive-IT has a great deal of experience in digitising files. This process is carried out in accordance with legislation and the digital file meets all requirements. Together with you, Archive-IT looks at the wishes and requirements that fit within your organisation, the budget, but also the current legislation and regulations.


Archiving for the government

Archive-IT has various forms of archive storage available for the outsourcing of your archive. In this way, there is always a suitable solution and you will be relieved of all your worries throughout the entire process. Safety and carefulness are the guiding principles of our solutions. Several protocols have been implemented to guarantee the safety of the documents, such as the gas extinguishing system. In addition, Archive-IT archives in a unique way, which guarantees the accessibility of your archive and the right management service focused on the topicality of your archive.

Archives Act? Within Archive-IT, a conditioned room is available that fully complies with all the requirements of the Archives Act. The climate system in this room keeps the temperature and humidity stable, among other things. The archive room is specially designed for information that needs to be stored for a long time or even indefinitely.

Physical archiving
  • Improved data security;

  • Information also available outside office walls and office hours;

  • No worries about fire, burglary and/or water damage;

  • Files won’t get lost anymore.


Digital accessibility

Ultimately, everything depends on safe digital access to information. Archive-IT has developed a platform with AIR in which all information, whether physical or digital, can be archived correctly. And even more important: easy to find. Standalone or integrated with your current system.

Digital archiving

“The constant temperature, the extinguishing gas system, the humidity and the security are top notch. Because the cartons have different dimensions, it was difficult to store them in our own archive. That would mean that we would have to rebuild the entire archive. Archive-IT filled a gap here and helped to find a solution. At Archive-IT, they rebuilt the racks to archive the cartons. That way we don’t have to rebuild anything, that saves us a lot of money!”

Hans van de Mortel | Municipal Archivist, Municipality of Roermond

“I’ve always said: we’re not going to digitise, because the physical files aren’t even readable at this point. But we had to do something, since our school doctors work on location with a laptop and UMTS card, so the files had to be accessible via mobile phone. The files have been taken over on a 1:1 basis and we were positively surprised that they are perfectly legible! Really great. In the spring of 2011 we visited Archive-IT to get a feel for the company. After reporting to the board we could start the kick-off. Efforts were needed to gain support, because one group of users was very sceptical about the digital file. After a meeting between the users and Archive-IT, everyone was enthusiastic! And that has been the case ever since.”

Gertrud Vogel | Concession Manager, GGD Twente

The choice for Archive-IT was made after a thorough investigation, in which we weighed different criteria. An important criterion was the ISO 27001 certificate, which stands for information security. “We work with privacy-sensitive documents and Archive-IT has that completely in order”.

Alex Huisman | Consultant Computerization and Automation, Municipality of Langedijk

“We have always had pleasant contacts and good experiences with Jalema. The choice for Archive-IT was a logical and familiar consequence. In addition to the archive to be destroyed, the files that Archive-IT has digitized are also stored externally. In the event that we make a request from the files stored in Archive-IT’s premises, it is always delivered neatly and on time. You can rely on that.”

Frans Alleman | Specialist DIV, Municipality of Alkmaar

“We have very good experiences with Archive-IT. And especially with the service. If you want it fast, they can do it fast. You can simply make agreements about that. There is very good support. There is always a solution.”

Maarten van Berlo | Project leader digitisation, Municipality of Venray

“We went to take a look at Archive-IT ourselves and this gave us confidence in the way they handle the files. This is done in a very good environment and in a safe way. Our cooperation went very well and the image we got from Archive-IT is undoubtedly positive. It is a professional company that knows what it is doing!”

Nick Mols | Application Manager , Municipality of Zonhoven

If you look at how Archive-IT has guided and picked up this process, we are very satisfied. It was nice how they shared the planning with us; we were able to follow everything in real time. In addition, all employees are very customer-oriented, from project management, to execution, to ICT. When I add to that the speed of Archive-IT, they responded perfectly to our needs. At Archive-IT, Appointment is: Appointment and that made for a great collaboration.”

Luc Mintjens | HR Staff manager, Stichting Swalm & Roer

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