This week, Archive-IT’s Social Fund has once again selected charities and great initiatives, which we support with a financial contribution. This time under the theme ‘The Child Central’.

Loeka foundation – Blariacum De Grote Klimmen

In September, 21 children from Blariacum College in Blerick will go on ‘The Big Climb’, a sponsorship trip in which they will defy the Alp D’Huez. They all do this for the Loeka Foundation. Every year about five hundred children are diagnosed with cancer. Every two days a child dies of cancer. This foundation is dedicated to children’s cancer, specifically emergency medical research into osteosarcoma.

Vlinderkind foundation

This foundation fights the disease ‘Epidermolysis Bullosa.’ EB is a hereditary skin condition, in which the adhesion of the different layers that make up a skin is disturbed. As a result, the different skin layers do not fit together well. The friction between the ‘loose’ skin layers causes blisters and skins. It is not (yet) possible to cure EB.

Foundation Het Vergeten Kind

Forgotten children from 0 to 18 years old who have been maltreated, abused, neglected, rejected and fled and grow up in austere reception centres with minimal play possibilities. This is not how a child’s life should begin. Stichting Het Vergeten Kind gives these children a child-friendly environment where they can play, move and relax. They offer cheerful activities and events so that they can be ordinary children again.

Foundation Heppie

Unfortunately, there are thousands of children in the Netherlands who are not happy and who need extra attention. A large group of forgotten and anonymous children in our ‘own’ Netherlands! The Heppie Foundation is committed to these children. To share positive life experiences and learning moments with this forgotten group of children, they organize leisure activities based on these principles. Children can be carefree and enjoy playing.

Foundation Downsyndroom

The objective of the Down’s syndrome Foundation is to promote everything that can contribute to the development and advancement of children and adults with Down’s syndrome. In addition, there are two great initiatives from our region (Venlo and surroundings) that we will support with a contribution:

Team Jaap – Klimmen tegen MS

Two men are going to climb Mont Ventoux in the fight against MS. They are confronted with MS in their family and want to do their bit.

Swimming pool the Bercken Reuver

This nice pool has reached a milestone this year. This pool has been run by volunteers for 20 years!

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