From our Social Fund we support charities and great initiatives every quarter with a financial contribution. We are able to do this because all employees set aside part of their profit distribution, after which the management doubles this amount.

One of the charities to which we made a contribution this quarter is Warm Glow.

Goal Warme Gloed

Warme Gloed is a not-for-profit association founded by a number of enthusiasts, driven for a country to which they have lost their heart ‘The smiling coast of Africa’ or in other words ‘The Gambia’. The main goals of this association are:

  • Aid for children through education and sports to offer a future perspective;
  • Giving local people access to health care;
  • To build up a basic (infra-)structure in cooperation with the local population.

Independent and future perspective

These goals must all be within a defined time period and framed project. In this way, they want to help the people on the ground to provide independent answers to these needs and not become dependent on aid. “It should not be the intention to bring someone fish every time, it is the intention to teach the people how to fish”.

On behalf of the team of Archive-IT we wish the initiators and volunteers good luck with all projects for now and in the future. Take a look at their website for more information and read more about the projects they are taking up.

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