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As Chairwoman of the Social Fund, I would like to put this Archive-IT initiative in the spotlight for once. At the end of each year, Archive-IT employees receive a profit distribution if sufficient profit has been made. A fixed percentage of this amount is set aside by everyone, after which the management doubles this in its entirety. The amount represented by the Social Fund makes it possible for Archive-IT to support charities with a financial contribution every quarter.

Social Fund members

The Social Fund consists of three employees of Archive-IT, with the longest-serving member leaving the ‘club’ each year and a new colleague joining the club. At the moment these are Lindy Simons (Receptionist), William van der Meijden (Business Partner Manager) and myself (International Marketeer). Every quarter, the Social Fund meets to select charities that we can support. These can be a wide variety of charities and initiatives. We often work on the basis of a theme, but it also happens regularly that employees put forward a good cause.

A small selection of the themes we have had:

  • Sports
  • Rare diseases
  • Attention for Children
  • Sometimes invisible, always present
  • Meaningful violence
  • Silent poverty

Reactions we get are heartwarming and it shows time and again that support is badly needed! “We are pleasantly surprised by your message in which you introduce the Archive-IT Social Fund from Reuver to us. This is a special way for your company or employees to demonstrate their social commitment, and we only applaud that”, says Stichting Hockey Extra, which is dedicated to wheelchair hockey players in the region.


If the company is doing well and you can make a contribution to society in this way, it will give you a great deal of satisfaction. Organizations work massively for others and together we can achieve more! It’s about being able to do something for someone who needs it for whatever reason, even the smallest gesture can be invaluable.

If there are charities or foundations that you think could use a financial contribution. Please let us know at any time and the Social Fund will look into this. Together we are strong!

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